Orifice plate for installing in flanges, type B

To use in drinking water systems (other media after consultation)
Static choke element for setting up a constant flow rate.
Used as a back pressure orifice as a cavitation protection after the valves.
Not to be used as shut–off fittings

Mode of operation
The orifice place is installed between the flanges. The settings are adjusted according to the manufacturer`s specifications. The advantage of this orifice plate is that it can be adjusted when it has already been installed.

Product information
To calculate the dimensions of the orifice plate please refer to the following information: required flow rate, necessary pressure differential or both specifications.

- Orifice
- Base plate and cover plate: 1.4301
- Seals NBR

Installation and assembly
Installation between the flanges and on both sides of the seal.

For adjust the orifice only use the adjusting tool (No. 1199000101).

Adjusting tool (No. 1199000100)

Adjustability in installed state.
maintenence-free, corrosion-resistant version


Data sheet

Instruction manual


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