Our specialists will develop a tailor-made solution based on your requirements and details. In the course of this, our experienced application engineers can rely on a wide range of standard designs. However, if no satisfactory solution can be found, we develop special valves to satisfy your requirements.


The basis for successful implementation is a sound analysis of the actual and target situation. It is important to know what the objective of the regulation should be.  Various tasks can be fulfilled with regulating valves.  


Hawle has considerably expanded its range of services in the last few years. 



Hawido regulating valves reflect a high level of workmanship and are technically well-engineered. This guarantees the reliability of your supply system. In order to guarantee a trouble-free operation for years to come, the valves must be regularly serviced.

Regular maintenance - guaranteed safety

These measures to preserve the quality of the valve ensure its trouble-free operation and consequently, the reliable supply of drinking water for your customers. Functional checks should be carried out once a year, including cleaning the filter screens in the dirt trap and the fine filter in the control line. The Hawido regulating valves is due for an inspection every four to six years. In this process, the main valve and the control valve are completely opened and all the small parts - diaphragm as well as the seals - are replaced. The inside of the valve must be visually inspected and cleaned. Once it has been commissioned again, the valve will again continue to perform its tasks for years.

We will be pleased to make you an offer for professional regulating valve maintenance.