High quality materials and precise machining centres are used for the valves.

The control lines – Fittings, ball valves, pipe bends, filters, throttle non-return valves, optical position indicators and so on – are made from corrosion-free material. The necessary manometer including ball valve for the shut-off as well as optical position indicator are installed on the valves as standard. The following can also be installed on request: ball valves on the outlet side for taking samples of water or analogue position indicators for the electrical signalling of the valve position and much more.

Hawido valves are coated in the same way as ground-mounted sliders. The high-quality top layer is at least 250 μm and provides perfect corrosion protection for the base valve.

The ductile raw casting comes from our own foundry in Germany.  All machining takes place at our production site in Sirnach.

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