Health and safety policy

We attach great importance to our occupational safety and health protection for our employees. All occupational safety specifications are documented. The implementation of our health and safety policy is ensured by the health and safety officer (HSO) and the contact persons for occupational health and safety contact persons (OHSCP). The OHSCP are responsible for implementing the measures. Our trained company paramedics are always on call and ready when needed.

We are committed to complying with all relevant laws and guidelines relating to occupational health and safety.

We promote the employees’ sense of responsibility for occupational health and safety.

Appropriate protective equipment is available at the workplaces.

All employees are obliged to comply with the relevant safety regulations and to wear the appropriate protective equipment and use the available safety devices.
All management staff set a good example and promote a constructive safety culture in their area of responsibility.

The same regulations apply to temporary employees of external companies as to Hawle employees.

The most important safety rules are communicated to visitors and guests before they enter the production and storage areas.

Regular safety team meetings (HSO / OHSCP) and safety audits are used to review our safety management system and continuously improve it through appropriate measures.
We involve our employees in continuous improvement of our occupational safety management system and integrate them in the improvement processes.


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