Quality management - ISO 9001

Quality management in accordance with ISO 9001 has been a high priority at Hawido for many years.

From the very beginning, Hawido AG has taken on the responsibility of manufacturing control valves of high quality and thus ensuring the supply of clean drinking water.

The customer sets the standard for our quality. In order to meet his requirements, our quality management system, products and services are continuously checked, improved and extended.

Much emphasis is also placed on individual consultation with customers and their problems. 

Through training and further education, we create a high level of quality awareness among our employees. Each employee makes a significant contribution to the quality of our products and services.

The good reputation of Hawido is characterized by the wide range of high quality products and services as well as the high readiness for delivery and service. Thanks to our spacious warehouse in Sirnach, we can always guarantee our customers very short delivery times.

Due to the high Hawido product quality, the warranty period for all drinking water and gas products manufactured by Hawido with the "Hawido" label is ten years.   

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