10 years quality guarantee as of 01.01.2018

Hawido guarantees the customer that the delivered products are free of material or manufacturing defects. In principle, the statutory warranty period of two years from delivery to Hawido applies to products sold by us. Due to the high Hawido product quality and added value, however, the warranty period for all drinking water and gas products manufactured by Hawido with the "Hawido" label is ten years (with the exception of electrical components).
The warranty period shall not be extended by the replacement of the product or individual parts, nor shall it commence anew.

Excluded from the Hawido manufacturer's warranty:

  • Damage resulting from normal wear and tear, inadequate maintenance or intentional damage
  • Consumable and wear parts, e.g. filters, seals, etc.
  • Damage caused by improper installation, commissioning and operating errors
  • Dirt infiltrations, limescale deposits, damage due to aggressive environmental influences, chemicals, cleaning agents
  • Damage caused by force majeure or natural catastrophes, in particular floods or fires
  • Defects in the product caused by storage, assembly or transport
  • Damage caused by the defective product
  • Damage caused by third parties
  • Frost damage


In addition, the warranty ends in the cases of:

  • faulty installation, commissioning or maintenance
  • omitted pressure test
  • inappropriate use
  • Installation or application for another medium
  • Installation, maintenance or repair by unqualified personnel
  • Non-compliance with the installation and operating instructions or valid standards and SVGW regulations
  • Installation of non-original spare parts

Processing of warranty cases:

Defects must be reported immediately to Hawido sales representatives within the warranty period.   
Hawido may claim the product in question for warranty clarification. Hawido will check whether there is a warranty claim within the meaning of the Hawido warranty.
In the event of a warranty claim, Hawido shall either repair or replace the defective parts free of charge at its discretion. The Hawido Manufacturer's Warranty covers free delivery of the necessary spare or replacement parts.
Hawido shall bear only those costs which it would have incurred itself if it had repaired or replaced the defective parts. All additional costs, in particular in connection with removal and installation, repair of damage by third parties, reinstallation or other measures, shall be borne by the customer.

Further details on warranty can be found in our General Terms and Conditions of Hawido AG.
This guarantee is subject to Swiss law. Warranty claims are not limited by this.

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