New Hawido Dirt trap 2002

Benefit from the advantages of our optimised dirt trap.

In order to be able to guarantee you the highest quality standard, we are constantly optimising our products and processes. We are pleased to present you the further development of our existing dirt trap with its advantages.

The new dirt trap is optimally matched to our valves and can be used up to pressure stage PN 40. The further developed design of the dirt trap provides more flexibility during installation. Access from the top also enables service-friendly inspection and cleaning.

The best cleaning effect is achieved with the optimised inflow of the housing. The new dirt trap has a stable double screen made of INOX with a coarse-meshed bottom for easy cleaning. The filter screens are available in different mesh sizes.

The corrosion-free INOX overcut technology is used on the flushing plugs. The lid seal contains an integrated screw locking function. In addition, a low tightening torque is required for the cover screws.

Furthermore, differential pressure measurement on the dirt trap is made possible via optionally available pressure gauge connections in the upstream and downstream pressure.

The new dirt trap is coated in accordance with GSK guidelines and SVGW certified.

You can find more information about our new dirt trap here.

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