Flow limition valve MBV with electrical remote control - open without current

1304007000 MBV for electrical control - open without current DN 1 1/2" PN 10/16


  • 1: Main valve
  • 2: Ball valve (A, B, C)
  • 3: Filter
  • 4: Orifice
  • 5: Throttle check valve
  • 6: Control valve
  • 7: Differential pressure orifice plate
  • 8: Optical position indicator (optional: Electrical position indicator, opening limiter)
  • 9: Electric solenoid valve
  • 10: Manometer with ball valve (A, B)
  • B: DN 40 to DN 150: 22 mmDN 200 to DN 250: 27 mmDN 300 to DN 400: 29 mm
  • X: 5 x DN line
  • Y: 3 x DN line
MBV for electrical control - open without current DN 1 1/2" PN 10/16
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Product attributes
DN 1 1/2"
PN 16 bar
L 210 mm
weight 11.000 kg
Availability on demand

Physical characteristics

  • The main valve is a hydraulically operating diaphragm valve. The work energy is the inherent medium.
  • Most valve types operate purely hydraulically without any foreign energy.


  • To use in drinking water systems (other media after consultation)
  • Limitation of the inflow from a pressure zone into a lower pressure zone
  • Constantly maintaining a filter flow
  • The supply to a secondary network necessitates a limitation of the flow, so as to not endanger, for example, the extinguishing reservoir of the primary network (in combination with a reduction in pressure).

Mode of operation

  • The flow–control valve completely hydraulically ensures a pre–determined maximum flow, irrespective of any changes in the operating pressure. The nominal flow rate can be progressively varied up to ±15% via the control valve. The valve is taken out of operation by the solenoid valve (customer`s control system). The valve is in operation when the power is off.

Product information

  • To calculate the dimensions of the valve please refer to the following information:
  • Maximum and minimum inlet pressure (static and dynamic pressure ratios)
  • Required outlet pressure after the orifice plate
  • Required flow rate
  • Voltage information for the solenoid valve
  • Permissible loss of pressure incl. measuring orifice (usually 0.5 bar over the valve and orifice plate)
  • Available line diameters and lengths
  • Construction of the valve (straight or angle design)
  • For the calculation basis, information on the loss of pressure and the characteristic values of the valve, please refer to the end of Chapter E.


  • Design according to DIN EN 1074
  • Construction length acc. to DIN EN 558
  • Flange mass according to DIN 1092-2, to PN 25 DN 300
  • Pressure levels: PN 10 or PN 16 to DN 300, PN 25 to DN 200, higher pressures on request.
  • Nominal widths DN 50, DN 80, DN 100 and DN 150 available in angular design
  • Nominal widths 1 ½" and 2" with threaded connection (female thread)
  • Medium temperature up to 40°C

Installation and assembly

  • Shut–off valves should be fitted on both sides of the valve and a dirt trap should be installed on the inlet side of the valve. Depending on the installation situation, a mounting/dismounting adapter and an aeration and ventilation system should be provided.
  • The orifice plate must be installed after the valve. It is recommended that the following measurements are taken into consideration:
  • X = 5 x DN, distance between the valve and the orifice plate in a straight line
  • Y = 3 x DN, distance after the orifice plate and the shut–off component, in a straight line


  • Maintenance-free, non-rusting valve seat
  • Pressed-in seat
  • EWS-coating according to RAL GSK
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